Ceramic ball

Ceramic ball – for scanners and tactile systems

Ball made of ceramic for measurements with optical area scanning systems on the basis of white light fringe projection or laser scanners, as well as for tactile systems. In comparison to balls made of aluminium oxide ceramic (Al2O3), our special ceramic has the advantage that it can be measured directly under different lighting conditions without further pre- and/or after-treatment. Its surface is of a diffusely scattering nature and fulfils all requirements of the VDI/VDE guideline 2634.

Technical data:

Feasible sizes (38.1 mm) with metallic inserts for usage with tetronom single bars
other sizes from 3 mm up to 50 mm for custom made ball beams available

Balls made of special ceramic

The balls are made of our special ceramic. This ceramic has been optimized for the specific properties of a scanner based on white light fringe projection. Furthermore, in numerous benchmarks carried out by equipment manufacturers and customers, it demonstrated its superiority to other balls made of ceramic (e.g. aluminium oxide) as well as to coated balls made of steel. Next to good “optical” properties of our special ceramic, our balls feature a high precision roundness (<2 μm).


  • The ball serves as a target
  • Used with tetronom single bar and tetronom ball beam


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