Artifacts and normals

As all ARXGeometres artifacts are based on the same element – the tetronom-single bar – you can configure your own artifact according to your needs: Either, you use only one single bar for your measurements, or you set-up the artifact in the shape of a tetrahedron (tetronom), octahedron (oktonom) or as a ball bar. The set-up takes merely a few minutes.  Why so fast? Because the targets at both ends of the single bar are attached with the help of magnets. No screwing together, no laborious work steps. Of course, our artifacts fulfill all requirements with respect to calibration (traceability) and testing of measuring devices.

Artifacts with ultimate flexibility

The single bar is made of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic). It is equipped with two target mounts that allow for the magnetic attachment of interchangeable targets. Due to its construction, the tetronom-single bar is very lightweight and yet very sturdy. The target mounts are patented, self-compensating measuring heads which make the bar more stable in length despite temperature fluctuations.

Tetronom single bar
The basis for all artifact configurations
3D tetrahedral artifact
3D octahedral artifact revealing in-depth information about the Z component
tetronom ball bar
Artifact for large measurement volumes
Tetronom ball beam
Artifact for small measurement volumes
Flatness standard
For testing errors of indication of flatness


  • Enormous time-savings as no alignment of the tetronom is needed for the measurements
  • Enormous cost-savings because of minimization of the error chain and reduction of cost for calibration
  • Modular artifact concept – 1D, 2D, 3D
  • Portable – usage even at your supplier
  • Achieve comparability – one artefact for optical and tactile, manual and CNC-controlled measuring devices
  • QM-qualified – documentation and trend analysis in a database


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