Artifacts and measurement adapters

The world of 3D coordinate measurement is versatile – just as the products tested with measurement devices. Whether tactile hand-held measuring machines, optical measurement systems, or tomographic systems, all systems have something in common though: They are used for collecting measurement values. The acquired measurement values are either used in research and development for designing new products, or they are generated for quality assurance purposes in order to control production processes. Consequently, high precision and reliability of the measured data is crucial for up-to-date production processes.

Our patented artifacts enable you to implement consistent, standardized inspection and monitoring processes for all 3D measurement systems you apply. For more information, please refer to the artifact section on our website.

Measurement adapters are needed to solve or simplify measurement tasks which couldn’t be handled in any other way – or only with much more effort. The laser tracker adapters we show on this website represent merely a small excerpt from our portfolio. If you need adapters tailor-made for your measurement task, please get in touch.

Artifacts and standards for stationary and mobile measuring systems
Software for artifacts and normals featuring 3D-view
Target is the general term for different types of balls that can be mounted on the ends of the tetronom single bar.
Measurement adapters
Measurement adapters and accessories for portable 3D measuring systems


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