Pin nest for 0.5″ reflector self-retaining

Pin nest for 0.5″ reflector self-retaining

In contrast to a standard pin nest, a “self-retaining” pin nest has three magnets built into the support surface. This allows for a simpler fixation of the pin nest on metal surfaces, such as devices or building sites. Additionally, the magnets prevent the pin nest from slipping out of holes when mounted overhead.

In the standard version, the pin diameters range from 6 mm to 12 mm and are manufactured with the accuracy h6. The reflector’s midpoint is determined by an offset with respect to the support. The offset and concentricity are manufactured with an accuracy better than 0.02 mm of the nominal size. The reflector is held by a magnet.

As optional extra, the offset value can be labeled on the “self-retaining” 0.5” pin nest.


Technical data:

Material stainless steel
Pin diameters 6, 8, 10, 12 mm
other pin diameters are available on request
Centering accuracy ≤ 0.03 mm
Offset 10 mm
Optional offset: 12.7 mm or 15 mm


  • Magnetic adapter for measuring holes


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