Tetronom single bar

tetronom single bar – the basis for all configurations

Our artifact concept is based on the Tetronom single bar. It is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and has two target mounts. Interchangeable targets are attached with magnets to these mounts which allows tactile as well as optical measurements. It is possible to use the single bar “stand-alone” for testing optical 3D-scanners, for example. Moreover, it can be used for setting-up 3D artifacts in a shape of a tetrahedron, octahedron or as a ball bar.

Technical data:

Feasible lengths from 100 mm to 3000 mm between the balls' mid-points
longer lengths on request
Targets stainless steel balls for probing CMMs
matte stainless steel balls for laser scanning devices
ceramic balls for area measuring systems on the basis of white-light projection of fringes and for laser scanner systems
targets for photogrammetry or theodolite systems
laser tracker reflectors
Target size 38.1 mm and 50 mm
larger on request
Calibration DAkkS or manufacturer's calibration

Targets for the tetronom single bar

Targets can be made of chrome steel, stainless steel or ceramic and can be theodolite, laser tracker or retro targets as well as blasted or coated balls. The standard ball diameters are 1.5“ (metric: 38.1 mm, all targets) and 1.96“ (metric: 50 mm, except for theodolite, laser tracker and retro targets). The targets are characterized by their extremely accurate manufacturing. For more information about our targets, please refer to the targets product page.

Stable length

Due to its construction, the tetronom single bar is very lightweight and yet very sturdy. The target mounts are patented, self-balancing measuring heads which make the bar more stable in length despite temperature fluctuations.

Used as reference standard

The tetronom single bar is available in any size between 100 mm and 3000 mm. To suit the demands for traceability to national standards each tetronom single bar is delivered with a calibration certificate that indicates the exact length and measurement uncertainty of each single bar. Therefore, the tetronom single bar can be used as reference standard.

Artifacts with ultimate flexibility

As all AiMESS artefacts are based on the same element – the tetronom-single bar – you can configure your own artefact according to your needs: Either, you use only one single bar for your measurements, or you set-up the artefact in the shape of a tetrahedron (tetronom), octahedron (oktonom) or as a ball bar. The set-up takes merely a few minutes.



  • Can be used stand-alone as a simple artifact
  • It is possible to combine several single bars for setting-up complex 3D artifacts
  • Can be used as reference standard
  • Each single bar is delivered with calibration certificate


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Application areas:

  • Testing of 3D scanners
  • As a component in the set-up of the artifacts tetronom, oktonom and ball bar