Edge adapter for 1.5″ reflektor

Edge adapter for 1.5″ reflektor

The 1.5“ edge adapter is used to measure edges of components. The reflector’s midpoint is determined with respect to the support. The offset and concentricity are manufactured with an accuracy better  than 0.02mm of the nominal size. The reflector is held to a three-point support by magnets.

It is also possible to directly determine the intersection of two edges if these are perpendicular. For this purpose, the original edge is divided again (¼ edge).

As with the pin nest and drift nest, the edge adapter can be provided with a negative cut-out to  increase the reflector’s downward view. As optional extra, the offset value can be labeled on the edge adapter.

Technical data:

Material Stainless steel or nickel silver
Offset and concentricity ≤ 0.02 mm
Offset 25 mm
Optional offset: 25.4 mm
negative cut-out for downward views
with a ¼ edge


  • Adapter for edge measurement


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