Fixed-point nest for 1.5″ reflector

Fixed-point nest for 1.5″ reflector

For a final marking, the fixed-point nest is permanently anchored to the floor. For this purpose, the fixed-point nest is inserted in an existing hole where it is then grouted. To ensure a permanent and solid marking, the grouting compound needs be chosen according to the expected load.

For a flush installation on floor level, the fixed-point nest can be set in the floor with three screws. A lid is included which tightly seals the entire 1.5“ nest, keeping out dust and liquids when not in use. In order to make cleaning the nest quick and easy (removal of iron fillings, dust, oil), the magnet is adjusted on the 1.5“ mount with a circlip ring which allows a simple assembly and disassembly in just seconds.

Technical data:

External dimensions diameter 60 mm
height with lid, but without adjusting screws 54 mm
Mounting dimensions hole depth min. 60 mm
hole diameter when grouting with concrete min. 80 mm, epoxy resin min. 70 mm, plaster min. 70 mm
steel cylinder made of corrosion-resistant material: steel lid with rubber seal


  • Permanently anchored adapter


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