Tetronom ball beam

Tetronom ball beam – for small measurement volumes

The Tetronom ball beam is our latest development in the sector of artifacts for optical measurements. It was developed in close cooperation with manufacturers of 3D digitizing systems which are based on the principle of white light fringe projection. Of course, the Tetronom ball beam is also suitable for testing laser scanners.

Technical data:

Available beam lengths 50–150 mm
Available ball diameters 5–15 mm
Material beam: carbon fiber
balls: special ceramic

Individual configuration

Since measuring systems are not all the same, we construct the Tetronom ball beam according to your requirements. You just choose the beam length (50–150 mm), the ball diameter (5–15 mm) and the number of balls. And we manufacture the artifact optimized for your 3D digitizing system.

Material of the beam: carbon fiber

Using carbon fiber for the bar, a low thermal expansion is assured for the tetronom ball beam.

Material of the balls: special ceramic

Just like the Tetronom single bar or the flatness standard, the balls are made of our special ceramic. This ceramic has been optimized for the specific properties of a scanner based on white light fringe projection. Furthermore, in numerous benchmarks carried out by equipment manufacturers and customers, it demonstrated its superiority to other balls made of ceramic (e.g. aluminium oxide) as well as to coated balls made of steel. Next to good “optical” properties of our special ceramic, our balls feature a high precision roundness (<2 µm).

We would be happy to provide you with our special ceramic balls for testing. Feel free to contact us.


  • Artifact for systems with small measurement volumes (<150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm)
  • Suitable for fringe projection systems and laser scanners


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Application areas:

  • Dental scanners and other systems with small measurement volumes