ArxGeometres GbR was founded in June 2017 by the two associates Kai Gensecke (graduate engineer) and Christian Klose (marketing and sales economist) in Parchau, Germany. The firm operates on a worldwide basis, for and with companies from the automotive industry, the aerospace sector, as well as from ship, machine, and plant building. The customer base also includes various measurement service providers, calibration laboratories, and CMM manufacturers.

Added up, the two associates have more than 15 years of professional experience in this business area. After having graduated as surveying engineer, Kai Gensecke began his career in the field of land surveying, being followed by a job as planning engineer. Since 2004, he has been working as measurement, support, and project engineer in industrial measurement companies where he has gained extensive experience on how to apply numerous tactile and optical measurement devices. He has also built-up detailed knowledge of artifact application on coordinate measurement systems, measurement adapters, as well as accessories for 3D measurement equipment.

The second associate, Christian Klose, a graduated marketing and sales economist, joined several service companies. Since 2014, he has worked as sales director being responsible for artifacts, measurement adapters, and coordinate measurement accessories. This was the point when the two associates met for the first time.

In 2017, they had the idea to incorporate their own business dedicated to the creation of complete solutions for individual measurement tasks – always in close cooperation with their customers. In that same year, they came across the opportunity of acquiring the Tetronom patents, so that the plan of starting their own business became more and more serious. The foundation of ARXGeometres finally took place in June 2017.

ARXGeometres manufactures innovative artifacts for stationary or portable measurement systems, measurement adapters, as well as accessories for portable 3D measurement systems. Furthermore, ARXGeometres provides support to quality managers by offering measurement consulting, developing measurement strategies, and finding solutions for complex measurement tasks. Our service team takes care of your coordinate measurement systems, measuring arms and laser trackers, your optical scanning systems, optical online and office photogrammetry as well as machine tools or robots. In close cooperation with your staff, we develop complete solutions for the individual measurement tasks you’re facing.


June 2017 incorporation of ARXGeometres GbR
July 2017 inauguration of business premises
new distributor in Austria: Mobile Industrievermessung Patri 3D e.U.
August 2017 new distributor in Mexico: CIM CONCEPT INTERNACIONAL, S.A. DE C.V
October 2017 new distributor in the Czech Republic: PRIMA BILAVČÍK, s.r.o.
new distributor in China: Trigon (Shanghai) Measurement Technology Co., Ltd.

Our philosophy

Industry 4.0 aims to decrease manufacturing time whilst sticking to high quality demands. Each production process and each production step is monitored with respect to resources and quality – in a precise and immanent way. Suppliers delivering their products to large corporations have to provide measurement and inspection reports, which must be generated according to approved methods. However, the validity of the measurement and inspection reports depends on the precision and suitability of the applied measurement devices. The inspection of coordinate measurement devices is done with artifacts that comply with DIN-ISO standards.

ARXGeometres is specialised in designing and manufacturing the calibrated artifacts that you need for your different optical and tactile measurement systems. As calibrated artifacts can only meet precision requirements when being applied in a correct way, and as they have to be re-calibrated once a year (just as the measurement systems they are used for), our service does not stop with delivery. We also train your staff menbers on how to apply the artifacts and act as an intermediary between you and a certified calibration lab. In other words: We offer you a full-service package.

Whatever we do, we always focus on our customers’ needs. We don’t want to sell you an idea. We want to create an individual solution for your measurement task, including an elaborate implementation plan. This is when our experience comes into play: We know the different measurement systems the market offers, we have worked with them all, and we have a huge network. Therefore, we are able to propose the perfect package fitting your needs. Get in touch, describe your measurement task, and we will design the best solution and help you implement it.

Our broad portfolio covers innovative artifacts that are conforming to standards, high-quality measurement adapters, user-friendly software for monitoring your 3D measurement devices, highly precise calibration services as well as individual measurement concept consulting and creation. Thus, we are your competent contact for inspection tasks, accessory needs, and replacement or extension of measurement equipment.

We are your future advisor that reliably informs you about current changes (DIN or legal) and the consequences. We deal with them and implement adaptations as part of our full service package.



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