Wall point nest 1 for 1.5″ reflector

Wall point nest for 1.5″ reflector – version 1

The wall point nest was developed for marking fixed points on different objects and on walls. It is excellent for producing permanent and/or temporary reference points. The nest comes with a 1.5“ magnetic reflector mount that ensures secure mounting as well as a high repeatability of the measuring point.

Version 1 has a through-hole so that the nest can be mounted with a stainless steel screw in a corrosion resistant steel dowel.

With this newly developed nest, there is no need for alignment, cementing or gluing and it is ready for an immediate load-bearing capacity. A lid is included which tightly seals the entire 1.5“ nest, keeping out dust and dirt when not in use.

In order to make cleaning of the nest quick and easy (removal of iron fillings, dust, oil), the magnet is adjusted on the 1.5“ mount with a circlip ring which allows a simple assembly and disassembly in just seconds.

Technical data:

Material aluminium
Anodic coating red, blue, or black


  • With through-hole
  • Mounted with stainless steel screw


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