Drift nest for 1.5″ reflector

Drift nest for 1.5″ reflector

The 1.5“ drift nest, also known as nest without shank, provides a temporary, magnetic adapter for 1.5“ reflectors or other targets of the size 1.5“ (balls made of steel, retro-reflective targets or theodolite targets). The back of this adapter is flat so that it is usable in almost any location and on almost all surfaces.

Although the magnet holds the reflector in a three-point support, the 1.5“ drift nest itself is not magnetic. By using an adhesive, e.g. a hot glue gun, it is easy to attach the adapter to steel surfaces, walls or concrete floors. After finishing the assignment, the nests can be removed without residue and reused at another place.

For permanent target points, e.g. for a reference system for several months of measurement, the 1.5“ drift nests can be attached to any desired place with two screws.

Additionally, the drift nest can be provided with a negative cut-out to increase the reflector’s downward view. As optional extra, consecutive serial numbers can be labeled on each nest to better classify them.

Technical data:

Material aluminium
Color red or blue andonized


  • Available with or without cut-out for downward views


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